Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Liebster Award Part 2

This is my second Liebster Award
So, this is the perfect time to answer  . Thanks for the tag ya Farra .

あ.  Your reaction when I tagged you in this post?
I was like... ok.. 

い. Type of blog that you like?
Wisely decorated blog. Tak suka blog banyak iklan.Lagi-lagi iklan bergerak. Nak baca pun susah.

う.  Describe my blog. (anything~ List/Essay diterima xD)
Nice.. Loving your sketch

え. Have you change your blog link/URL? Why?
Yes. I'm afraid my schoolmate would found out ( Misi sorok blog )

か. Your  reaction when you meet 'justin bieber'? (mostly otaku will kill him xD )
Up to me. I won't do crime or bad things especially like killin' someone. Kah kah kah.. I'mma a good garl.

き. Things that mostly you buy?
く. If you have to kill someone, what will you use as your weapon?
Diulang suara.. ! I won't do crime especially like killin' someone.. kekekeke. But if I had to, I won't.. Hahah.. Don't know la. I never in that situation of had to kill someone.

け. If you have a chance to meet someone that you hountouni(really realy) want, what will you do?
Spend a lot of time with him/her

こ. Whats on your mind right now? (random. no thinking on this time) Honest please~
Thinking hardly on answering this thing.

さ. When and Why did you create your blog?
End of Disember 2013. Cause I was so bored. Then my friend encourage me to have a blog.

し. You have read my blog right? What do you think of me?
 Die hard otaku.

Nominess will be updated in my next post.
~The End~

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  1. woo. I know gud garl never do crime. nguehehe. Thanks sebab jawab~


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